Pork Miso Soup à la Tonjiru 味增猪骨汤

This Pork Miso Soup 味增猪骨汤 is new to me, as it is my first attempt cooking this soup and tasting it for the first time. So hearty and delicious.

Leaning towards Chinese-style cooking, the soup base is made from pork bones, onions and ginger.

Remember that the miso should not be allowed to boil during cooking. So if you are cooking this soup in advance and serving it later, just re-heat the soup then add the miso to the soup before serving.

After boiling the pork bones, onions and ginger for about 45minutes, add carrots and potatoes and boil for about 30 minutes, then add chayote and cook for another 15 minutes.

After about 2 hrs, or when it is time to add the miso, turn the heat down to mellow-simmer. The miso paste was dissolved in a little warm water in a separate bowl, then gently poured into the pork soup for all the flavors to meld.

Using miso at the end to meld all the flavors together giving it a savory depth makes the dish similar to Japanese Pork Miso Soup. Indeed, this Pork Miso Soup is adapted from the Japanese Pork Miso Soup also known as Tonjiru - a traditional Japanese pork soup, made with miso and root vegetables which in this adaptation, the choice of root vegetables were carrots, potatoes and chayote.

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