Oven-Roasted Mushroom Tomato Sauce

This is a glutamate-rich dish with tomatoes and mushrooms or to be exact, three different kinds of mushrooms. Meat and shellfish aside, there are natural food sources in which you derive gluamates (umami flavors) from, without the use of MSG. Tomatoes and mushrooms are two of these natural food sources.

For sure, frying the onions, tomatoes and mushrooms as if making a sauce in a pot is one way to go, but when you have a need to multi-task on certain days and simply cannot find the time to be behind the stove, I guess oven-cooking the "sauce" becomes an alternative. Not as if this is my first time oven-roasting a sauce, I have turned Anchovy Fillets with Tomatoes and Garlic into a sauce in the oven previously and received a reader feedback that the oven-roasted sauce was very tasty.

And this umami based sauce can be so wickedly delicious! Serious.

Tomato-Mushroom Oven-Roasted Sauce
Ingredients. 1 medium red onion thinly sliced, 5-6 cloves garlic, smashed, 1 large tomato thinly sliced, handfuls of crimini mushrooms, 1 handful of beech (bunashimeji mushroom) and 6 woodear mushrooms thinly sliced.

Directions: Spread the ingredients in a wide-area shallow roasting pan/tray and roast in pre-heated (400F) oven for 45 mins till the ingredients are soft and caramelized. Pinch of sea salt to taste.

Tip: Make a batch, store in the fridge and they can be flavor enhancers when making soup noodles or simply toss into pasta can be so delicious. Of course, make a sauce and it can be great accompaniment to grilled chicken breast.