Cordyceps Chicken Soup 黑木耳虫草鸡汤

It was the first and last time I bought cordyceps. Rather, Mom bought them...for me.

Gosh. So super duper exorbitantly expensive! I was not aware of the cordyceps "market situation".

It was the last time as I will not be consuming it regularly for its claimed benefits (even if what good it does to the body is indeed true).

Often the classic cordyceps chicken soup is doubled-boiled with chicken, cordyceps, sometimes with red dates and gojiberries. However, I did it quite differently - without dates and gojiberries.
Instead, some carrots and woodear mushrooms were added to my version (which is actually an idea inspired by a friend). Luckily, the soup turned out great without being overpowered by the sweetness of carrots and earthiness of mushrooms.

Cordyceps Chicken Soup 虫草鸡汤
Ingredients: 3 organic chicken drumsticks, skin removed, and blanched (Note: primarily to get rid of blood/scum present on the drumsticks' surface so that the soup at the end of cooking, will turn out clear and clean - not murky); 1 small organic carrot, chopped to bite-size; 4-5 woodear mushrooms, lighted rinsed with warm water; 3 red dates, 3 dried longans, 3 slices of ginger, about 5-6 cordyceps

Directions: Add in all the ingredients into the electric cooker, add water to submerge the ingredients, then set to cook. It will take about an hour for the soup to be cooked. Then the electric cooker will automatically switch to warm. Allow it to be kept warm as flavors will continue to infuse in this process.

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