Fried Radish "Carrot" Cake 炒菜头(萝卜)糕

Addictive, the sweet sauce...

Fried Radish ("Carrot") Cake @Bee Bee Carrot Cake, Marine Terrace

Addictive. It must be.

Char Kway Teow

When sweet is combined with salty-savory in a single dish such as Fried Radish ("Carrot") Cake, Char Kway Teow - I simply cannot resist, so much so that I had to have it twice in my recent Singapore trip.

Though not the healthiest or most nutritious, I still consider fried radish ("carrot") cake, one of my favorite Singapore streetfood. So forget about the health and nutrition here, I will dedicate one post for it, even though I don't share a recipe for it or do a professional food review about it.

Katong Jago Carrot Cake is famous for the sweet-sauce fried carrot cake (colloquially known as "black"fried carrot cake) and does it relatively well compared to its "white" version which tasted bland. However, some might find it too sweet, overpowering the taste and fragrance of the radish cake.

On the other hand, Bee Bee Carrot Cake at Marine Terrace - the flavors are well-balanced, not overly sweet for something savory-salty and the radish pieces are also firmer (and bigger). Most importantly, you can taste the radish cake.

Fried Radish ("Carrot") Cake @KatongJago Carrot Cake

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