Airline Fruit Platter Meals 航空水果餐

Do you ever peep at the "neighbor's" or "neighbor's neighbor" meal in an airplane? I do, sometimes. There was once when I saw a "special" meal being served and thought "that looks good". Surprising huh, coming from an airline meal. I did not know what meal it was - either a fruits, or raw meal platter? Have you requested for any "special" airline meals? 

You can do so in advance if the airline offers such a service. No longer is such a service reserved for passengers or travelers with special dietary needs e.g. vegetarian, or for religious reasons.  If you cannot stand soggy vegetables, over-cooked rice, over-salty fish/chicken dishes in most standard airline meals, how about going light and refreshed with a hydrating fruit platter? As far as I know from my recent trip, Singapore Airlines and EVA Airways offer this fruit platter option.

You can eat relatively well - no more non-appetizing airline meals. There are also options like raw food meals that I have also considered trying but I really do not want to run the risk of bacteria contamination especially in raw vegetables, so meantime I am satisfied with Fruit Platter meals.

What is your most memorable experience when it comes to airline food? Or share your worst nightmare?

However, I think the quality and standard of "special" meals varies with the airline. What I am sharing today is the Fruit Platter meals by Singapore Airlines (from Taipei-Singapore, Singapore-Taipei) and EVA airways (Taipei to SFO).

The platter offered by Singapore Airlines, departing from Singapore to Taipei, was a pleasant surprise. I was pleased with the variety of fruits being offered on the meal tray. There are strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, mango, kiwi, grapes.

The fruit platter offered by EVA Airways was disappointing though. I am usually satisfied with the variety of standard meals options offered by this airline. EVA Airways even offer breakfast congee as part of the standard (breakfast) meal choices, so I thought they should score high on variety. However, the variety of fruits in the fruit platter, in both Taipei-Singapore, and Taipei-SFO route was limited, and boring.


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