Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker 干煎小黄鱼

As I am writing this, I am still figuring out if yellow croaker is native to Korea or China. I have heard from my friend YJ, who used to live in Shanghai, that Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker 干煎小黄鱼 and Braised Yellow Croaker 红烧黄鱼 are some homestyle side-dishs in many families in China.

However, Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker Fish is also quite commonly served in Korean eateries or restaurants, and found in Korean supermarkets. Further reading into Yellow Croaker Fish or Yellow Corvina has indicated that this fish is actually a traditional fish staple in Korean traditional formal dining (hanjeongsik: meal with a smorgasbord of banchan side-dishes laid out on the table).

Known as Jogi when fresh, and Gulbi when lightly salted (and dried), I bought these frozen yellow croaker from Hankook Supermarket, my favorite Korean supermarket in the South Bay (Super Kyo-Po and Galleria Korean marts are the other two stores that I know of in the South Bay).

On this same day, I had the chance to taste the pan-fried yellow croaker samples as there was a food demo on this particular product. Since the fish comes salted, I could taste some briny flavors on the mildly sweet fish. I also saw how easy it was to use the frozen fish (heads already removed) straight from the package, onto the frying pan, as demonstrated. At home, I followed exactly what was done in the food demo.

Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker 干煎小黄鱼
Simply pan-fry each side for about 5 minutes or more till fish is cooked and lightly crisp on the outside.

Enjoy yellow croaker's delicate, tender, moist and sweet flesh. The flesh will flake off easily from the bones. However, take note there may be some fine soft bones near the stomach-gut area.

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