Avocado, Hatch Chili, Lime Pasta Sauce 鳄梨青椒酱

Other than my favorite red tomato-based pasta sauce, I also enjoy green pasta sauces - one is herbaceous pesto-based and the other being buttery avocado-based. Both green sauces are rich and flavorful, also quick and easy to put together - just bring on the food blender!

Part of the roasted Hatch chili was used to make salsa, while the remaining was combined with lime and avocado to make avocado sauce. The spice and tangy zest cut through the rich creamy avocado so perfectly.

Avocado, Hatch Chili, Lime Pasta Sauce 鳄梨青椒酱
Ingredients: 2 green chili (Hatch variety), roasted then skin peeled off, seeds and veins removed, set aside the flesh; 1/2 avocado,1/4 of a lime, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, pinch of sea salt

Directions: Add the ingredients in a small food blender/processor and blitz till almost smooth. Add cooked (slightly cooled) pasta into the sauce and toss to mix thoroughly. Garnish with julienned cucumbers and parsley/cilantro.

A less than 15-minute sauce nuanced with buttery, creamy avocado, with a hint of zesty citrusy lime and spice, balanced with fresh crisp cucumbers.

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