Garlic Mizuna with Gojiberry 枸杞蒜炒水菜

As part of the mustard family, mizuna is subtly bitter and peppery. The addition of sweet gojiberries round up this stir-fry very well.

Stir-Fry Garlic Mizuna with Gojiberry 枸杞蒜炒水菜
The recipe of Stir-Fry Mizuna with Garlic can be found here. To plump up the gojiberries before use, you can either soak in water or in cooking wine (e.g. Shaoxing wine, Japanese sake) for 10-15minutes. For soups or stir-fries, add the wine-infused gojiberries towards the end of cooking; at the same time, gently splash the "gojiberries-infused wine" alongside the walls of the pan/wok and as the wine-vapor aroma exudes, it makes the stir-fry more fragrant.

Similar to any other leafy greens such as kale and Bok Choy, it is recommended to add the stems first to saute before adding the leaves because the stems usually take longer to cook.

In line with a "zero-wastage" kitchen, the wine used to soak the gojiberries can be used for cooking, just like how the water used to soak the berries can be used when making granolas, or added to a cup of warm (drinking) water or tea.

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