Garlic Kabocha Squash/ Pumpkin Rice 蒜香南瓜饭

Of the fall/autumn squashes, kabocha squash is my favorite. When cooked, this Japanese pumpkin with deep green skin and vibrant orange flesh taste more like sweet potato and is less buttery than the other edible pumpkin varieties. Like most fall/winter squash, kabocha squash can be roasted, steamed, stir-fried, pureed as soup, cooked in stews or curries, or even cooked with rice or rice congee.

A quick and delicious recipe is Stir-Fry Kabocha Squash, with garlic, and green onions - a dish with moist and fluffy squash, its sweetness well-complimented with fragrant sauteed garlic. If you are looking for a bowl of warm winter comfort, this Kabocha Squash Rice Congee/Porridge will soothe you on a chilly evening.

I came up with this simple and basic squash-and-rice recipe when rice was running low in the pantry, so the squash cubes can bulk up as the "carbs"; at the same time, skin-on squash constitutes more fiber, and offers Vitamin A (nutrition and health) and flavor (taste) to the otherwise plain (boring) rice.

Garlic Kabocha Squash/Pumpkin Rice 蒜香南瓜饭
Stir-fry squash (recipe here) till partially cooked, then dish out, set aside. Prepare to cook brown rice with desired amount of water. Add in partially cooked squash and cook the rice over stove-top for about 15-20mins till rice and squash is cooked.

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