Sausage, Shrimps, Vegetable Egg Scramble

Remember this Sausage and Chard Saute? You can serve them as a side-dish with rice, or toss with pasta to make a one-dish pasta meal. But hey, did we miss out breakfast?

A similar dish can also be made into an egg scramble, bulking up with green beans and shrimps, a perfect way to bump up some proteins for breakfast.

It may look like a lot of sausages (photo above) but it is not.

Usually I fry up just one sausage to render out some fat. Then use half for a scramble like this and the other half to saute with greens. The sausage is to flavor the dish and not to function as the main protein.

Oh did you just hear ONE sausage? Yes, one sausage and I even have to have a divided use on that! The advantage of buying from a store like Sprouts Farmers Market which stocks up on fresh hand-made sausages (without nitrates, without MSG) is that you can buy it by the bulk and in my case, just one. And may I add - buy one, no questions asked.

Sausage, Shrimps, Vegetable Egg Scramble
1/2 fresh chicken/pork sausage, sliced to bite-size chunks
1/2 cup sliced green onions
1 cup diced green beans
1/2 bell peppers
5-6 frozen shrimps, thawed before use
2 organic eggs, whisked

Directions: First, pan-fry some sausage pieces to render out some fat (oil) to fry the green onions, green beans and bell peppers. Fry the sausage, green onions, green beans and bell peppers for about 10mins, then add some shrimps on one side of the pan, and pan-fry till cooked (each side about 2mins). Dish out the shrimps. Add the whisked egg and scramble it up with the sausage-veggie-mixture in the pan. Add the shrimps and quickly combine all the ingredients together while the pan is still hot. Serve warm.

Remember the Chicken and Kale Hot Dog? Now, you can also fill up a hot-dog bun with this breakfast egg-scramble and lunch or dinner options will be possible as well.


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