Herb-Roasted Trout En Papillote 香草烤全鱼

Steamed Whole Trout in Parchment En Papillote is a quick and easy recipe that yields extraordinary results. With beautiful whole trouts and fresh herbs ready in my kitchen, such a cooking method is typically reserved for hassle-free-cooking.

Previously, I have used a smaller whole trout and stuffed the cavity with green onions, garlic, and ginger.

Today, the recipe uses fresh thyme and rosemary. If you grow these herbs in your garden or kitchen, it is a good time to incorporate them in this recipe. The reasonably big-sized (and long) trout is also perfect to accommodate a generous mix of garden herbs, then baked en papillote which technically steams the fish in the oven.

In order not to overpower the delicateness of the fish, the strong-scented rosemary usage was kept to a minimal ~1-2 sprigs per fish; in comparison to mild lemon-scented thyme that was used quite generously for each fish.

Herb-Stuffed Whole Trout En Papillote 香草烤全鱼
1 whole trout
1/2 lemon or lime (or about 5 slices/wedges)
Bunch of fresh thyme
1-2 springs of fresh rosemary

Directions: Roast 400F(preheated oven) about 25mins, longer if the fish is big (and fat!)

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