Krill Cabbage Rice, Daikon Omelette & Kale

Sometimes it is congee with side-dishes and other times, it might be steamed rice in place of the rice porridge/congee. Such a meal is quite commonly Asian, or perhaps just typical in my home. We grew up with such meals back in Asia.

Today let us have a bowl of rice with side-dishes.

Dried Krill and Cabbage Rice, together with Green Onion, Daikon Omelette and Kale Stir-Fry is a tasty homey meal that can be easily put together.

Some meal examples that comes with side-dishes:
Steamed Rice with steamed or blanched side-dishes
Vegetable Couscous with Teriyaki Chicken, and Seaweed Soup
Steamed Rice with Grilled Mackerel, Garlic Spinach, Steamed Beets

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