Taiwanese cuisine, Fu Lou Restaurant, Tainan 福楼台南

Fu Lou Restaurant (福楼)in Tainan, Taiwan has garnered very good reviews from locals and foreign visitors. The menu is amazingly extensive from sashimi, teppanyaki to local Tainan delights.

One of the top ten recommended dishes: Roasted Sponge Gourd

The entire menu or even the Top Ten dishes cannot be covered (and tried) in a single restaurant visit but the fact is, we can only do once this time. Therefore, the best (easy-way out) is to try some of the popular and recommended dishes.

Clockwise from top-left: Baby Napa Chinese Cabbage with Dried Red Cherry Shrimp 炒娃娃菜, Homemade Shrimp Rolls 虾卷, Roasted Sponge Gourd,Grilled Squid,

All the dishes were spot-on delicious. Homemade Shrimp Roll - the shrimps were not too finely minced, therefore the fillings did not turn out pasty. In fact, the shrimp rolls had that springy bite, and were so juicy and moist, quite different from the shrimp rolls in Chou's and A-Sha though all delicious. Fu Lou's rolls were also generous with the shrimps - the rolls were mainly shrimps with a little minced-up Chinese celery that gave the savory rolls a good fresh balance.

Grilled Squid - prepared the simplest way, grilling brought out the natural sweet briny taste of squid so well with added charred flavors from grilling. Roasted Luffa/Loofah/Sponge Gourd - cooked with clams, served steaming hot, wrapped and sealed in a pouch, the sponge gourd was tender and moist in the light yet full of briny-sweet flavored broth. Yet another unique dish that I am still trying to figure till today: how was that done?

Portions and servings were small - with each dish perhaps serving about 1-2 or at most 3. It is good when portions are relatively small so that you can taste more varietal dishes instead of stuffing yourself silly with quantity with just one dish.

Service was friendly and the restaurant also went the extra mile to make sure the customers feel at home. Below: the complimentary cold-brewed tea and dessert that ended our meal - sweet and satisfied.

Fu Lou Restaurant 福楼小馆
No. 300, Section 1, Yonghua Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan


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