One-Ingredient Banana Ice-Cream 香蕉冰淇淋雪糕

There are a few experiments on my to-try list and ice-cream is one of them. However, I am limited by the lack of an ice-cream machine, so ice-cream has been pushed back, again and again, became the second last item, to even the last item to experiment.

Ever since I got myself a Vitamix blender, ice-cream began to re-surface to top of the list again. Of course, technically this should not be called ice-cream as it has no source of cream (or dairy).

Just one ingredient + one machine. Ice-cream. Yes!

I had my doubts in the beginning but it worked!

It does not matter if technically, it is ice-cream. What's important - it tastes like ice-cream, more so banana soft-serve ice-cream. If you already have frozen bananas on-hand, this can be an instant frozen treat on a hot summer day, with the help of a power blender like Vitamix.

One-Ingredient Banana Ice-Cream 香蕉雪糕/冰淇淋
2 very ripe bananas, previously cubed, stored in airtight bags/containers and frozen

Vitamix blender

Directions: Add the frozen banana to the blender. Turn on blender, turn the dial to highest - 10 immediately, then switch to High, and let it wrestle for a few seconds till the banana is completely "broken down" in seconds and turns to ice-cream texture.

This is also a good way, especially for those of you who do not bake, to store and use over-ripe bananas.

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