Tofu Vegetables Rice Paper Rolls 素米卷

If you work (or cook) in the kitchen very often, you will find that you get new ideas for your next dish just when you are preparing the current dish. Do you?

These rice rolls were "conceptualized" when I made tofu bibimbap. I was thinking - most of these ingredients can actually fit into a rice wrapper and be made into a rice roll. Since there were some leftover bibimbap ingredients namely pan-fried tofu, red bell pepper, radish, baby spinach - why not have another creation for appetizers? Then came these Tofu-Pepper-Radish Rice Paper Rolls.

And no, I did not use gochujang as the sauce-dipper for these rolls lest it became a deconstructed bibimbap with "rice" wrapping the ingredients. You can jolly well make that happen if you wanted to. However, all I wanted was refreshing rice rolls with sweet-tangy-spicy sauce dip, so I made Honey-Vinegar-Sambal Sauce Dip to go with the rice rolls.

Honey-Vinegar-Sambal Sauce Dip 甜酸辣酱
Mix 2tsp sambal chili and 2tbsp Honey-Vinegar (recipe here) in a shallow sauce bowl. Serve the rolls with the dip.

Tofu-Pepper-Radish Rice Paper Rolls 素米卷
Ingredients: Pan-fried tofu, thinly sliced organic red bell pepper, thinly sliced radish, organic baby spinach, sprigs of fresh cilantro, rice roll wrapper

Directions: Moisten the rice paper wrappers (as in package instructions). Lay each wrapper on a flat clean surface. Gently place the ingredients on one edge of the wrapper, then roll them up.

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