EVA Airways Airport Lounge, The Garden

This is not a review.

EVA Airways VIP Lounge -The Garden, at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (also read my other Taiwan experiences here) was such an interesting experience to be shared with you.

Let us start with the hot-food dishes that you can order from the menu. While the other half likes Spicy Wontons 红油抄手,I prefer the cabbage and pork dumplings and Peng Hu Loofah Gourd Noodles. According to the kitchen personnel, the dumplings are not just some frozen dumplings that are boiled before they are served; instead the dumplings are freshly prepared and cooked on-site.

Some dessert takes e.g. ice-cream, handmade flan-type pudding, handmade soy bean drink and oatmeal drinks. Some of the items might be seasonal and not available all the time.

Desserts and sweet treats

Healthy natural bread

Super soft and springy Tsukushi Mochi (seasonal item) dusted with soy-bean flour and brown sugar.

We absolutely enjoyed this seasonal treat.

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