Chicken Adobo 阿多博卤鸡

Tis' the season for warmth and comfort. Think stews, braises and soups; and Chicken Adobo fits the bill.

I must be missing out much on Filipino cuisine. This is the first time I tasted Chicken Adobo and I tasted it from my first Chicken Adobo cooking attempt. Two firsts! Well, nothing to fuss about or make a big announcement of. But when it is a classic dish from a specific cuisine, I better make sure the reference is from a reliable source.

Having tried her Chicken Teriyaki earlier and it worked well for me, I turned to the Chicken Adobo recipe from The only change I made was using apple cider vinegar as an alternative to white Filipino cane vinegar, or distilled white vinegar which I did not have in my pantry.

Do you know that just like lemon, raw apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature (and may have an acid taste), but is alkaline-forming in the body, due to how it is metabolized in the body? The human body has a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35, so it is often said that to maintain this alkalinity, one should reduce the intake of acid-forming food e.g. most high protein food such as meat and dairy products.

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