Garlic Bittermelon Stir-Fry 蒜炒苦瓜

If dicing small makes it easier (and quicker) to cook, slicing thin also achieves the same.

A lot of bittermelon dishes uses rich or heavy seasoning (e.g. fermented soy- or black beans), or flavoring (e.g. salted egg, tomatoes, spices) in order to mask the bittermelon's bitterness. These dishes are delicious and I enjoy them, as the saltiness perfectly balances the bitterness of this vegetable. However, there are also lighter-seasoned bittermelon dish such as bittermelon salad and garlic bittermelon stir-fry.

Yes, the name says it all garlic and bittermelon and perhaps if you prefer to spice it up, add in some sliced chili.

Garlic Bittermelon Stir-Fry 蒜炒苦瓜
3 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/2 fresh red chili, thinly sliced
1 small-medium bittermelon, slice half lengthwise, remove seeds and spongy center using spoon to scoop, then slice thinly, sprinkle with salt, and soak in water for 15-20mins to reduce the bitterness
Pinch of sea salt and ground white pepper to taste

Directions: In a heated oiled pan, fry the garlic, and chili, then add the bittermelon and fry till tender and cooked. As the bittermelon was sliced really thin, it took a short time, about 15-20 mins, for the bittermelon to be cooked.

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