Watermelon Feta-Cheese Pizza-Salad 西瓜披萨沙拉

It is the first day of Summer, and so extremely hot!

This appetizer or dessert (whatever you think it should be, or want it to be) Watermelon Feta-Cheese Pizza is the perfect summer thirst-quencher and palate-refresher.

I absolutely love the idea of using watermelon wedge(s) as the base, making this one of the most interesting (and pretty) appetizers - sweet juicy watermelon, topped with briny crumbly feta cheese, mild red onion and cooling crisp cucumber. It is also super easy to put together and so ready for the "Wow!" factor.

I am usually not a huge fan of watermelon because I find it one-dimensional too sweet. However, with this combination of complementary flavors and textures, this fruit pizza has become irresistibly delicious.

Watermelon Feta-Cheese Pizza-Salad 西瓜披萨沙拉
Slices of watermelon about 1/2-inch thick (not too thin so that the slice can hold the ingredients, and can be held by the fingers while eating; also not too thick so that it is not too difficult to hold them up while sending the slice straight to the mouth)
Thin slices of cucumber
Finely chopped red onions
Feta cheese, crumbled over the slice
Finely chopped fresh mint, or basil (Note: I omitted them as I did not have fresh herbs available at time of making)
Few squeezes of fresh lemon

Directions: Place the watermelon slices on a flat wide-area plate. Layer the cucumber on top, then sprinkle red onions and crumble feta cheese over. Add fresh herbs and squeeze of lemon over the slice.

Of course, like traditional "salad", you can cube the ingredients, toss and mix everything in a bowl, but this "pizza-salad" just looks prettier in this manner.

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