Zucchini, Tofu, Woodear Mushrooms Salad 西葫芦豆腐黑木耳沙拉

This is an easy side-dish to make from zucchini "noodles"; and kitchen-friendly especially in the hot summer days when you want to spend less time behind the stove. As each ingredient is finely julienned to thin strips, they cook almost instantly, either with a brisk sauté or quick blanching.

If you prefer to have it all raw, you can. However, a lot of Chinese salad-type dishes e.g. Luffa (Loofah) Salad do not recommend entirely raw food due to the "cooling" properties of raw food. In Chinese food therapy, consuming raw food regularly when one has a heaty (yang) body-type will not be an issue but when one has a more "cooling" (yin) inner body-system, it is best to cook the ingredients slightly. Another reason to cook it, is to prevent the possible contamination  of consuming raw ingredients/food.

Zucchini, Tofu, Woodear Mushrooms Salad 西葫芦豆腐黑木耳沙拉
1 block organic extra firm tofu, sliced to fine strips
2 dried woodear mushrooms, rehydrated in warm water till it expands and softens, then finely sliced to fine strips
1 organic zucchini, julienned using julienne peeler
[Dressing]: 2 cloves garlic, finely minced,1 tsp sesame oil,1 tbsp organic flax oil,1/2 tsp sugar,1tsp organic light soy sauce, Pinch of 7-spice

Directions: Lightly saute tofu and mushrooms, zucchini 1-2 minutes. Dish out set aside. There will be a little moisture/liquid from the zucchini when sauteed. Remove the moisture/liquid as much as possible. Drizzle the dressing over the well-mixed ingredients and gently toss them to combine.

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