Heirloom Tomatoes Artichoke Hearts Salad

Late summer is blessed with beautiful heirloom tomatoes, and such is a good time to make heirloom tomato salad and of course, "No-Need-To-Cook" Tomato Sauce.

If you happen to have a basket full of of fresh heirloom tomatoes, using these tomatoes as the ONLY salad ingredient in Heirloom Tomatoes Salad would be perfect.

With a limited quantity on hand, the next I could think of is bulk it up with other vegetables such as broccoli or artichoke hearts (try Parchment-Roasted Fish with Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Artichoke Hearts, Mushroom, Chickpea Salad) for the recipe today.

Heirloom Tomatoes and Artichoke Hearts Salad
3 small to medium heirloom tomatoes, sliced to bite-size wedges
8-10 frozen artichoke hearts, thawed
Handful of blanched/steamed broccoli
Bunch of basil leaves, thinly sliced
Handful of shaved cheese (mix of Romano and Parmesan)
2tbsp extra-virgin olive oil + 1tbsp apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) as dressing
Pinch of sea salt

Directions: Roast or grill the artichoke hearts till slightly charred, or pan-sear. Set aside. In a bowl, mix the tomatoes, broccoli, grilled artichoke hearts, and basil. Gently drizzle dressing and mix well. Top with cheese and serve.


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