Coconut Flour Sesame Cookies Crackers

Recently, our family made use of a Prime Day offer and went on a Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, a great opportunity to test out some of the perks especially free next-day delivery without a minimum purchase. A 30-day trial is a good gauge to find out if Prime is FOR us, will it be relevant for our family needs or just an excessive "feature" - good-to-have but nothing lost if missed. The free delivery service (no minimum purchase vs non-Prime account holders who have to go by a $25 minimum purchase for free shipping) did come in handy when we purchased groceries such as organic rolled oats and organic chia seeds. Prime Day might be over but the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial is still available. Try it for 30 days and if it's not for you, cancel it before it expires.

Likewise, once in a blue moon (mood), I'll go experimental with cookies-baking, just like a trial.

I don't usually bake in restrictive manner but in this case, there is no butter, no egg, no added sugar, so it's vegan. Some skeptics may equate no butter, no egg, no added sugar with no taste but these cookies are great-tasting with natural aroma and flavor from coconut and sesame seeds.

Coconut Flour Sesame Cookie Crackers Ingredients:
1/2 cup coconut flour
Combination of black and white sesame seeds
1/6 cup of plain Greek yogurt (regular or diary-free option based on your dietary needs), optional

Slowly add water (by small quantity) to coconut flour till flour becomes a thick-paste dough that is "spreadable"/ and can be spread flat and thin. Mix sesame seeds into the dough, and with dough sandwiched between 2 layers of parchment/baking paper, use rolling pin and roll dough as flat as possible. Bake 350F (40mins or more) till mixture dries out and become "crisp" at the edges.