A for Apple, O for Orange, P for Pear - so what is...

- Artichoke
It is the flowering bud of a large plant from the thistle family and has tough, petal shaped leaves. The tender base of the leaves and the heart are the edible portions. Fruit or vegetable, let me find out.

The "heart" is the thickened portion right above the stem

- Olallieberry
Definitely a fruit. Genetically, it is approximately 2/3 Blackberry and 1/3 European Red Raspberry. Though not developed in California, it is primarily grown in California. Because the olallieberry has blackberry on both sides of its parentage, it exhibits many of the same flavor characteristics of the blackberry. However, olallieberries are much larger in size and generally are sweeter than blackberries grown under the same conditions. “Olallie” is a word for berry that was used by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. So you’re actually saying “berry berry”!

Now, say the “o” first and the rest will follow (oh-la-l

- Pluot
This is another cross hybrid- of plum and apricot, being 2/3 plum and 1/3 apricot in parentage. The pluot is a new fruit that was developed in the 1990s. I may have tasted this in Singapore but they just call it plums or "dinosaur eggs" then. I only knew the official name here and now.

Not sure why it is also known as "dinosaur egg"

No, I am not re-learning my fruits or vegetables. These are just some local ingredients or seasonal fruits that I don't commonly see or even taste. But since I have tasted all of them recently, just let me post it.