Skyline and coastline

Just 2 days ago on Saturday, we drove Skyline Blvd (this drive was recommended by one local I knew). Skyline Blvd, together with attractions such as Castle Rock State Park and Pescadero State Beach, are known to the locals; favored by the locals. In other words, you will not get swamped by tourists like what usually happens in Yosemite. At Castle Rock, a 0.3 mile Castle Rock trail brought us to some unusual rock formations that are popular with rock climbers.

Keen for climbing ?

Pescadero impressed us with its good quality local ingredients. Artichoke everything. Cream of Artichoke is a special in Duarte's Tavern. Served with oven-warm sourdough, this soup is a star. Also popular in this tavern is Olallieberry pie. Served warm as a dessert, the crust is tender and at the touch of a fork, surrenders to the moist purple red interior saturated with sweet, tart berries. A must-try ! So, remember...Cream of Artichoke and Olallieberry pie, ok ?

Also in Pescadero, you find Arcangeli Grocery Co. Like I have said earlier, artichoke what else but more artichokes here. We got ourselves Artichoke Garlic Herb (the signature bread) and Artisan Focaccia-Pesto Artichoke. A family-owned bakery that has preserved traditional baking...breads handmade the old-fashioned way. Worth a visit, worth a sniff of freshly baked and worth a buy of freshly baked !

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