I am no BLOG addict

I thought I was, when there were days I created 2-3 posts per day. But I have remained quiet for almost a week and tada...I am ok !

That McAfee software program in my laptop is giving me the jitters recently, as I felt my laptop slowing down drastically whenever it starts up and automatically launches the McAfee security center program. Today, a computer idiot like me can even muster enough courage to do the uninstallation myself. Well, I hope I have done it correctly. At least, my laptop boots up normal now, I think (but I still cross my fingers). Meantime, the laptop runs on AVG (free!) for virus scan. Thanks to my hubby! He installed that for me. Next, I am looking out for any software (hopefully free!) for firewall protection. Help !!! It's going to come from my hubby.

And DELL has recalled almost 4 million laptops for some battery problems. Sighhh...my DELL Inspiron 6400 is one of the models that might be affected. Now, I need to check the battery type. If lucky enough, we might be spared the trouble of replacing the batteries. I ran a service tag check on DELL website to find out the parts and configuration of my laptop. It seems to say SNYO (I assume SANYO) under the primary battery part name, but I am not 100% sure. Let's hope it's indeed SANYO and not SONY.

Back to addiction. I am also no coffee addict, though I have my dose of hot (instant Nescafe) coffee every morning. But I got another extra shot of caffeine this afternoon. Why not, if it's on the house...courtesy from Starbucks. Only today, between 1pm-3pm, Starbucks is offering FREE iced coffee or iced cafe con leche at most California locations. Give me that cup of joe ! Just hope too much coffee won't make me sleepless tonight. Yes, caffeince does have an effect on me.