Forces of the sword

Is this just a trend or is something changing? Companies know the power of word-of-mouth network that is out there. If you have diligently clicked on some of the links I have posted, do you realize you have unconsciously added to the # of hits and amount of traffic to each website? Don’t worry. I am not paid by anyone to put them up on my blog. Welcome to the world of Web 2.0! Convergence, integration, platforms…words that are common in hardware, devices, design architecture etc. are now flooding the web arena. What’s hot - blogs, tags, RSS feeds etc. You could post a question on your own blog and if you have made it public, you will get comments and even answers. Go to any gadget forum, ask where to get your favorite tech toy and you get 1,000 responses from around the world. Corporate blogs - product or service reviews – advertising - marketing. The word-of-mouth network is so efficient now - the multiplier effect. Beware the double-edged sword.

And this next one on Workers, Place your Bets, comes close to me. Big corporations such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are going to rank and file level for prediction markets. Such a platform is helpful because it aggregates knowledge from a wide base. These are particularly useful in technology, where change is dynamic. Companies need to adapt, be versatile or just get left behind. Close to me, as I had similar experience (to bet on a particular technology at company-wide level). Justifications… justifications… justifications; bridge the gap; technology and market assessment; resources; value chain; strategy etc. Such a platform to share knowledge/brainstorm, creates an internal infrastructure where we get feedback, listen to potential issues and concerns, thus enable us to focus and better an executable strategy. However, such sessions and systems must be managed effectively and organized appropriately. Otherwise, it will be more time and more resources wasted, and leave employees more confused or simply more “lost” than ever before. Again, a double-edged sword.

Forces of the sword come all way, external and internal.

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