"Yodel adee tee"...how does she do that ?

I hope(really hope) there is no version called "Singapore's Got Talent".
There is already Singapore version of "American Idol" ...uncreatively named "Singapore Idol"...and that is enough ! No, I did not catch a single bit of "Singapore Idol" Season#2 ...but Season #1 was terrible enough. No standard.

"American's Got Talent" is Simon Cowell's recent show for his next big discovery. But this time, he is not sitting in the judging panel. He is the producer of the show, together with FremantleMedia.
Currently showing the final rounds, in NBC, I am not a follower of this show but cannot help being amazed by these 11-year-olds: 11-yr-old yodeller and another kid singer.

Turn on your speakers or plug in those earphones. Enjoy.

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