The slow cooker can work miracles !

I promise a better soup recipe and here it is. Equipment needed...the slow cooker, again.

Mogua pork rib soup
-mogua*, a.k.a hairy gourd, fuzzy gourd, hairy cucumber (Peel off skin, and wash, seeded if you prefer), cut into chunky pieces
- ~1lb pork ribs
-warm water

-blanch the pork rib
-add blanched pork rib and mogua pieces in slow cooker
-add warm water to partially "submerge" the ribs and mogua
-put slow cooker to HIGH (~45mins), then turned to LOW (1-2hr)
-pinch or pinches of salt, to taste

Ready to serve:

Naturally sweet and tasty. Much much much better soup than the watercress soup. The natural juices of the mogua and pork ribs just work themselves out simmering in the slow cooker. I still can't believe I cooked this. Will definitely have this again if I see mogua in the local supermarket and feel like having soup again.

*Mogua, in its raw form

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