If it's a mistake, it's a $40-dollar mistake

Yup, we just got our oil filled radiator heater (USD39.99) from Target over the weekend.

It's never too early to get one at this time, unless you do not mind the frenzy of not getting what you want (the right product at the right price !) at that right (critical) time. Even stand fans and box fans can get out-of-stock during summer at some Wal-mart and Target stores, we heard.

Our apartment unit comes with air-conditioning/heater but being central-controlled, that means during the night, the entire apartment unit is going to get "heated up" even though there is no one in the living room and kitchen. What a waste of electricity !

So, we got a relatively small portable unit that is oil filled. These heaters are highly efficient because the internal heating element does not always need to be on. Once up to temperature, the heating oil gradually releases the warmth to keep your room comfortable even while the internal element is off. And because there is no fan, radiators are extremely quiet.

Don't know if we made the correct choice in getting an oil filled space heater. If it's a mistake, it's a $40-dollar mistake.

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