Whipping up 4 different recipes using 1 simple shopping list is my own "Guinness record"

1 list, 2 double-duty meals (that's 4 entirely different dishes), lasting 5 days, feeding 2 people...
Ok, this is my grocery list:
-oyster mushrooms (2 packs)
-shitake mushrooms (1 pack)
-enoki mushrooms (1 pack)
-woodear(1 pack)
-green and red peppers (1 pack of each, each pack come in threes)
-cauliflower (1 crown)
-napa cabbage (1 head)
-baby boy choy (1 pack)
-tofu (2 packs, "regular" tofu)
-minced pork (~ 1lb)

Already in my dry pantry: 1 bottle Thai Red Curry sauce (I got mine from Trader Joes)
Already in my fridge: Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce, minced garlic, egg

This list is going to create 2 spicy dishes, 1 non-spicy stir-fry and 1 soup. The recipes will come in the subsequent postings. Go get your ingredients NOW ! I'll be waiting for you...

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