"RR" version of double-duty ingredients

Continuing from my post on "Whipping up 4 different recipes using 1 simple shopping list is my own Guinness Record " ...

My version of rr...not Rachael Ray, but "rest & relax" recipes.
Double-duty, as the same ingredients can be used more than once in entirely different recipes.

Thai vegetable red curry
-1 crown cauliflower, washed, blanched, and cut into florets
-1 ready-packed tofu ("regular" tofu is suitable for frying), cut into bite-size pieces
-green & red peppers (washed; with core, stems and seeds removed), cut into thick wide strips. I used ~3/4 of all the peppers I've prepared. The remaining to be packed in Ziploc, stored in the fridge, for use in Mushroom vegetable stir-fry
-Thai Red Curry Sauce (I used up the whole bottle for this dish that feeds 2 mouths for 3 days, so it's about 6 servings !)

-heat enough canola oil in frying pan (for deep-frying the tofu)
-deep fry the tofu to golden brown
-remove tofu from pan, and remove the excess frying oil, leaving a wee bit of oil in the pan to stir-fry the vegetables
-add the cauliflower and peppers to frying pan, stir fry quickly for ~ 1-2 mins; add some water to soften the vegetables if necessary
-add in the tofu to the vegetables, stir fry 1 min
-stir in Thai Red Curry Sauce to the already cooked vegetables & tofu, and simmer covered for 2-3 mins
-add in dashes of red chilli flakes if you like it more spicy

Ready to serve:

Cabbage pork balls soup
-3/4 (of 1 bunch) napa cabbage, washed and cut into big chucks
-80% (of ~1lbs) minced pork
-1 pack woodear, washed. Julienne ~ 1/4 of entire pack for this recipe. The remaining to be cut and packed in Ziploc, stored in the fridge, for use in Mushroom vegetable stir-fry
-ginger (minced or chopped, whatever), to taste
-sesame oil, to taste
-1 egg
-salt and pepper, to taste
-1 bunch enoki mushrooms (option, used this as it was on sale in the supermarket), removed 1-inch of the stem from the stem bottom

-mix (marinade) minced pork, woodear, ginger, sesame oil, egg, salt and pepper in a bowl
-when water in a pot comes to a boil, roll the pork mixture into meat balls and drop inside boiling water
-then, add napa cabbage and enoki mushrooms
-add salt, to taste
-boil for 10 mins, then simmer on low for 40-45mins

Ready to serve:

The woodear added some crunch to the meat balls. The sweetness of the soup came mainly from the napa cabbage, I believe.

Well, all the above are good for ~ 6 servings (depending on your appetite). There are 2 mouths to feed here, so after I cooked this, it will be rest & relax for the next 2 days because there's no need to cook !

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