Curry favor the flavor, or curry flavor the favor

Oh, whatever...this is the true curry-in-a-hurry

Now, I've got a few pieces (~8-9) stew beef cubes left from cooking my beef stew . Should have used them all then. But I wanted to keep a few pieces for my SB Golden Curry. I've used the curry...plain the last time, topped over a sunny-side up with rice, and served with vegetables. Wanted to try something different this time, as suggested on the product packaging...

I'm angry with myself when it suddenly occurred to me that I CAN'T saute or pan-fry the beef cubes just like that. The stew beef cubes are chuck beef (shoulder part of the cow)-mainly muscles and collagen, thus MUST BE stewed, slow cooked or braised to make it more tender, moist and flavorful. What should I do ? What should I do ? I have to have that curry with beef! I can't be cooking beef stew another time with just THAT few pieces of stew beef cubes left, plus it's so stupid to braise(more than an hour, the least) so few pieces.

Ok, there is something called grinding, I know, I know. Phew...I did not pass on that. The worst of saying "goodbye" to these beef cubes almost happened. Grinding breaks up the "muscles and collagen" to tiny pieces so that they cook through like the usual ground beef and best of all, can be chewed the usual way too! And I got my curry topped over pan-fried ground beef.

The curry flavor is authentically Japan. Of course. It is Japanese curry, what do you expect ? Don't curry favor with me...will still tip you on getting those curries when they are on sale. I've got 2 packs for 3 bucks. What a bargain !

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