Turkey in high definition

Been some time since I've posted about tech stuff. Well, like how eyeballs tend to aggregate where content is, tastebuds also gather where good food is. I reckon that food is almost goin' to interest more people than technology. Yes ? Nah, that's just my excuse for not writing about tech stuff so often.

Turkey makes a good headline, when we are just about one week away from Thanksgving. Came across an interesting news snippet that talks about how a bakery-eatery connects, or rather disconnects tech-geeks and foodies by using the slogan above. Anyway, to me, a roasted thanksgiving turkey is still going to taste the same, whether in low definition or high definition, but a high-definition picture of a turkey would surely appeal to your eyes first, and that might mean more business. Hmmm...I wonder if I'm going to connect or disconnect you on what I want to write about below. Let's see...

Nanotechnology and MEMs may not have enjoyed widespread commercialization, but if you are super-sensitive to sniff around, it's not uncommon to uncover these technologies across major consumer market segments such as toys, cosmetics, games and fashion. Might be niche but that's the way to start. Again, I'm not paid to do any advertisements for these products. I'm just sharing the WOW factor here...

A LG cell phone with a breath analyser (already available in South Korea) and Fujitsu cellphones that can function as pedometers. These are products that make use of MEMs-based sensors and accelerometers. Sensors are not only found in many "fanciful" cellphones, they are also common in toys. Interactive intelligence consumer products. Butterscotch Interactive Plush Pony even eats carrots ! And just look at how popular TMX Elmo is. The shelves that carries the tag "TMX Elmo" are forever empty in major retail stores. The black market price for a TMX Elmo is $200!!!

How about a heart sensing sport bra that sees integration of textiles and electronics ? I know this is not new but it's always good to know more cutting-edge products, yes ? Or nanoparticle-based materials creates a holograhpic finish to fishing lures that will multiply your catch by 4x ! Say bye-bye to cold feet and thick socks with Toasty feet insole liner based on aerogel (nanosized pockets of air). Worried that you will look Frankenstein with circuits glued to your body ? You will be one beauty using Estee Lauder's anti-aging correction patch that is based on paper-based battery. Yup, next-gen battery technology that applies a mild current to the pad that is placed around your eyes...cool stuff, aren't they ?

Don't tell me you do not like technology, ok ?

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