All the pleasure and the "P"s, no guilt

Heavy rains in Singapore, snowstorms in Denver, storms in California, earthquake in Taiwan...ooh, what's happening this winter month of December ?

Living almost half my life in Singapore, I did not know much about seasonal fruits. I took it for granted sometimes, as most fruits I enjoy can be found all year round in Singapore. I miss papayas! Uncommon in California, and even there is, they are very expensive. I should say "I miss papayas@99cents each, in Singapore".

While pears are more of a summer/fall fruit, persimmon and pomegranate are considered winter fruits.

You have to bite a Fuyu persimmon like an apple, that's suggested. So, I did.

Commercially, there are generally two types of persimmon fruit; astringent and non-astringent. Astringent persimmons(such as Korean and Hachiya variety) contain very high levels of soluble tannins and are unpalatable if eaten before ripening. The astringency of tannins can be removed by exposure to light over several days, or artificially with chemicals. These astringent persimmons can also be prepared for commercial purposes by drying. Non-astringent persimmons(such as the Fuyu and Hanagosho) are not actually free of tannins as the term suggests, but rather are far less astringent before ripening, and lose more of their tannic quality sooner. Non-astringent persimmons may be consumed when still very firm to very very soft.

And I've got pomegranate seeds in a small-pack like this, too. Try it in salads or top over vanilla ice-cream. Add colors and crunch!

You can eat the seeds with the red seed pulp surrounding it.