Reader of the Lost Art

This is neither the sequel nor spoof of Indiana Jones. I am just one reader of a lost art here...the nearly lost art of a great steak. This sight somewhat captured my attention, while on a recent vacation. I chanced upon this refrigerated cooler not inside the restaurant, but by the side of the restaurant entrance, along the main walkway of continuous human traffic.

The sign reads "This is real beef being dry aged on the bone, for 15 days following three weeks of wet aging. During this period, the sirloins undergo enzymatic changes that intensify flavor, deepen color and tenderize the meat by softening the connective tissue. We then broil our steaks on an open mesquite grill for a flavor only available at... Gallager's"

Though I did not dine at this steakhouse(told you I am just a reader/on-looker), I came to find out that dry aging is a time-honored technique at Gallagher's-Broadway's first steakhouse, and its reputation as a New York institution is based on the finest cuts of perfectly-aged beef. All beef is hung in a refrigerated cooler(like above), at a specific temperature and humidity. This natural aging method not only makes the steaks more tender, but concentrates flavor while it allows water to evaporate away. Do expect the cost of dry-aged beef to be 2 to 3 times the cost of regular beef, though. That was why I did not even take a baby step into the restaurant.

Oh, I was not in New York. This is VEGAS !!! Las Vegas!

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