Chinese-style, Western-style or Freestyle

There are many ways to marinate and cook (grill or saute) pork chops. How I should do mine? Western-style pork chops marinade tend to include worcestershire sauce, molasses, pepper, salt and/or honey; and the pork chops are usually glazed with pineapple sauce, or topped with apple or cherry sauce. I'll try Western-style pork chops in future but for now, just feel like some Chinese-style pork chops. Those which sometimes can be ordered in Tze Char stalls...called many names but the one I remember is 排骨王. I gave a shot at this based on some imagination, so it can be called Freestyle pork chops. Oink oink goes swimming !

Chinese-style pork chop
-2 slices of pork loin chops (~ 1cm thick)
-2tbsp cooking oil (canola, peanut...)

-1tsp dark soy sauce
-1tsp honey
-pinch of salt, sprinkle over raw meat
-pinches of black pepper, sprinke over raw meat

Topping Sauce:
-30ml water
-1tsp corn flour
-1tbsp tomato ketchup

1.Before marinating the pork, tenderize it first by using a meat tenderizer, or using the back of the cleaver
2.Sprinkle salt and some pepper over the pork; then add dark soy sauce and honey to marinade pork. Leave it in fridge for 1/2 hour or more
3.Heat pan with about 1 tbsp of oil and grill the marinated pork on slow fire, about 4mins each side
4. When the pork are all cooked, set aside and use the remaining oil to cook the topping sauce
5. Mix topping sauce ingredients and pour into pan, then stir until boil
6. Top the sauce over pork chops

Oink oink goes splashing and did not drown!

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