*Star Wars* VS Stark Wok - Jedi to make way for Blo-gedi !

I am definitely a late bloomer. I first started watching Star Wars(all six episodes!) just one month ago, and I joined the blogosphere when I'm already halfway through my life journey.

If you have watched Star Wars in the order that was intentionally made to be (i.e IV,V,VI, then I, II II), then it's like watching the future (Predictions), then the past (Reviews), is it not?

Welcome to Problogger Group Writing Project and for this holiday season, yeeSSsss...IT'S about Reviews and Predictions.

Now I've watched all six episodes of Star Wars, I am going to continue my personal diary blog today, the "trilogy" way.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
A new breed of Tiger and Fish evolved
With the remaking of the older trilogies, and the making of a new one
Here comes the new force
With synopsis of 4,5,6~1,2,3~7,8,9
Trilogy 1 (Episodes 4,5,6)
Episode IV-A Newer Hope
Tigerfish left her home planet - Singapore, and with no help, tries to save the Prince and herself from the evil clutches of "unknown and unfamiliarity"

Episode V- Tigerfish Strikes Back
While Tigerfish takes Blo-gedi training in the virtual space, she considered herself making a big mistake using Blogger.com as the platform. Still in evil clutches as she realized she could not categorize posts as easily as Wordpress, it is too late now. Who can save her from the dark side ?

Episode VI -Return of The Blo-gedi
Exciting is hardly the word I would choose, quoted C3PO. Yes, but it's my wish to create a blog that rants and raves about food , recipes, new experiences, travel , and even technology. It's exciting to me, at least. Why did you have to be so brave, said C3PO.

Trilogy 2 (Episodes 1,2,3)
Episode I - The Curry Saga
Yoda: How feel you ? Afraid are you ? Afraid to lose I think, hmmm?
Tigerfish: What has that got to do with anything in the kitchen?
Yoda: Everything! Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.
Tigerfish: I do not fear cooking, I will try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try.

Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Back in Tigerfish's home planet, the Mee Pok and Laksa clone wars continue. Tigerfish's huge appetite once again led her to the power of the dark side. This time, the dark side of greed. More clones in the kitchen too, where ingredients and dishes from the restaurants/cafes are being "simulated"at home. Satay and Cereal prawns are just a few. yumMEE!. And there's even Humpty Dumpty!

Episode III -Revenge-of-o-holic-holic
A crab expedition begins here.

Tigerfish: It's over Crab, I have the high ground.
Crab: You underestimate my power!My pincer claws!

Tigerfish: Don't try it.
Tigerfish: You were the chosen one!

Trilogy 3 (Episodes, 7,8,9) - COMIN' SOON! @ any screen near you
Episode VII-A New Code
Still hoping that a new code will arrive one day, to enable "migration" of all my old posts in Blogger.com to Wordpress.

Episode VIII-The Hidden Secret
What is this secret ingredient in the next episode of Iron Chef America -Iron Chef vs Copper Cook ?

And what happens if meatballs goes on steroids ? I am going to predict and so are you.
May the Force be with you...

Episode IX - The Mystery
Can anyone tell me where or when or how can I get hold of a R2D2 thumbdrive ? That's the role of R2D2 at its basics - to tweak codes, transfer data and enable storage. It's definitely not extreme engineering to me, as integration has often been advocated in businesses, technology, and even organizations; and THIS will be a PREDICTION come true! I WANT THAT tech toy !

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