Shiokingly good Singapore Part 10- ROJAK mix of food ! ~End of Season 1~

This Singapore series just does not include EVERYTHING we have devoured in five days. All in all, it was an eclectic mix of food- from the home, hawkers, coffeeshops, bistro, cafe. Not only we've eaten rojak near the laksa stall in Katong , at the end of 5 days, I also felt "rojak" in my stomach.

tigerfish's "Shiokingly good Singapore" series ends here. To recap the series, here it is :
Part 1-Prawn mee
Part 2 Turtle soup
Part 3- Laksa
Part 4-Porridge and fried carrot cake
Part 5 - Hong Kong cafes
Part 6- Mee pok/kuay teow mee
Part 7 - Roti prata
Part 8- Szechuan in Vivo
Part 9 - Yet Con chicken rice
Part 10 - Rojak, and ~end~

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