Shioking good Singapore Part 9- I have YET been CON here

Yes, it's Hainanese Chicken Rice, what else ? Yet Con@Purvis Street just got that old charm within. Not only that, the chicken rice is fantastic! You can also order other side-dishes but I'm not sure what's on their menu for side-dishes; as our usual routine order will be chicken rice (with the chicken AND, the rice), a small-plate of roasted pork belly("Siow Bah", 烧肉) , the usual greens, and depending on our food moderation gauge, we'll decide if we want some chicken liver and gizzard.

I've heard before that the true-blue authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice must be prepared using a breed of chicken from Hainan Island, named 文昌鸡 (Wen Chang chicken?). I'm not sure if Yet Con uses 文昌鸡 for their chicken rice, but their chicken rice is good! Of course, not forgetting the traditional condiments by the side- chicken rice chilli, sweet(black) sauce and minced/crushed ginger.

You can't taste it...and the chicken is tender and succulent

I do not have the patience like Simcooks, who gives the chicken a royal treatment. In almost half my lifetime now, I have not even gone to any single spa session, and oh my, this chicken is so lucky to get one before me!

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