Shiokingly good Singapore Part 8-Szechuan in Vivo

I'm not teaching about biomedical sciences here, as in-vivo to those specialized scientists means experimentation done in or on the living tissue of a whole, living organism. I'm referring to Vivo City - Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle destination, and the Szechaun Hot and Sour Soup noodles in The Asian Kitchen. As if I've not done enough shopping in U.S.A, and have to head back into the usual Singapore shopping crowds. I'm just curious about how "big" is "big", as it's bigger than Suntec city mall, so it claims. But it can get nowhere bigger than the biggest shopping mall in the U.S.A as almost everything in the U.S.A is sized-UP. And it's true, every shopping mall is the same. Nothing special about Vivo City, except that it'll be somewhere for non-gamblers to head to when the Sentosa Casino Resort opens in a few years time.

I enjoyed the hot and sour soup very much, plus...

the noodles in it.

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