Next time when you see cereals, you should not just say "Got Milk?"

~If some of you are wondering, there're three parts more before my "Shiokingly good Singapore" series ends. I can't seem to finish posting all of them and it'll make one post too long. For some time in my blog, I've been multi-tasking, between the past-my S'pore visit(backdated posts), and the present-back in California(actions to-date)~

This must be one of those long forgotten dish to be cooked at home. The ingredients are quite readily available, and it's a quick and easy dish to prepare. BUT, the most shocking part (at least if I cooked this in the Bay Area) is, the curry leaves are sold at $14.99/lb !!! What?!?!? More expensive than salmon steak and prime rib ?!?! And then, I came to know that curry leaves are very hardy plants and can be easily grown. But why are they still so expensive ? Unless those I've bought are imported leaves. Am really puzzled till now. Curry leaves are so hardy that even insects and pests shun them, because the leaves have a distinct curry aroma that apparently acts like a natural insecticide. It must be true because I never found a single hole in any of the curry leaves.

I've even forgotten to say what I wanted to cook (still thinking of that $14.99/lb price tag, sorry). Using cereals, for a savoury dish in Cereal Prawns, also known as 麦片虾.

Cereal Prawns (serves 2-3)
-600g shell-on medium-size prawns; slit the back with veins removed, clean the prawns and pat-dry
-oil for deep-frying
-1tbsp butter
-1tsp red chilli pepper flakes
-2-3tbsp curry leaves
-1pack Cereal mix (can be substituted with 1/2 bowl Nestum cereals, 1tsp sugar, 1tsp non-diary creamer, pepper to taste)

1.Deep-fry prawns shell-on in deep pan with hot oil till golden brown. Dish and drain. Discard the oil
2.Melt butter in the same pan, saute chilli flakes and curry leaves till fragrant
3.Add in Nestum cereals, sugar, non-diary creamer and pepper and stir-fry till aromatic
4.Add in prawns and mix well

5.Dish up and serve

So, the next time you see cereals, you should say something like "Got prawns?"

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