Shiokingly good Singapore Part 7-Disappointing Prata in Frankel Avenue

Must go Jalan Kayu for prata! Ok...I heard you. But we did not have much time to spare to go all the way to Jalan Kayu, and Frankel Avenue used to have good prata too. Yes, "used to". I'm not sure if the original stall owners have moved. However, the roti prata we had in Frankel Avenue was disappointing. The prata was tasteless and moist, rather than crispy. I prefer my prata to be on the crispy side so that after topping with the curry sauce, it'll not be just one mushy mush in my-bite and-chew. Of course, the curry sauce was "oomph" in it...and so little.

Check out the Malaysian version of Roti Canai @ Layang Layang, California

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