Shiokingly good Singapore Part 3-Best in Katong

Another case of successful branding in Singapore food...Katong Laksa! The laksa that is famous in Singapore. The laksa (51 Katong Laksa, 49 Katong Laksa, 328 Katong Laksa...) that is as widely imitated as a Louis Vuitton bag. The laksa that is eaten with a spoon (chopsticks not provided).

And there're almost always nasi lemak, otah and rojak anchoring at laksa stalls in Katong.
Otah otah ! Otak otak!

It's de-boned fish (usually mackerel) marinated with coconut milk, freshly ground chilli, onions, lemon grass, blue ginger and turmeric; wrapped in banana leaf that brings its own flavour to the fish, and ability to retain moisture and taste. Do you know...otak means brain, in Malay and Indonesian, as the dish somewhat resembles the brain...soft and squishy.

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