They say Mee Rebus is a true marriage between Chinese and Malay kitchen - egg noodles with various garnishes (egg, shallots, fried bean curd, bean sprouts ) topped with a rich shrimp sauce of Malay mixed spices and Chinese bean paste. But I say Mee Rebus is a trio of Chinese, Malay and Italian kitchens.

Well, I've tried their curry and mee siam and Simcooks recommended that I try their mee rebus as well. I tell ya...the mee rebus is equally droolingly good, plus the instructions to cook it are so easy. Well, I've missed out re-visiting any mee rebus stall back in Singapore but it's ok...since this Bay Area version tasted real yumMEE!

I've used hard-boiled eggs, prawns, cilantro, shallots, and serrano peppers (substituting green chilli) as my garnishes. Yes, I know serrano peppers are mexican but (the usual) green chilli are usually sold in a pack of many, in Asian supermarkets over here, and I can't be biting on those remaining chillis I've not used. Can I buy 2 green chillis "on-the-loose" just for my mee rebus ? Anyway, the serrano peppers tasted EXACTLY like green chilli (maybe they are green chilli, just of different origin), and it's crisp-n-crunch! If your chilli threshold and heat index is not that high, remember to slit through the peppers lengthwise and remove the seeds under cold running water, coz' the serrano peppers are HOT even to the bare senses of the nose(hachew!) and eye (oh my, and I was only removing the seeds under running water).

Excuse me, why Italian ? Oops, I almost pass on that. Ok, coz' the egg noodles are substituted using spaghetti. And yes, yes, yes, it's another perfect match, if not better (as you can have that added al dente texture). Mee rebus means boiled noodles in English, so I have not violated any rules in using spaghetti, have I ? Haha, but I'm good at breaking rules in the kitchen.

Mee Rebus (serves 2)
Ingredients and garnishes:
-1/2lbs spaghetti
-12 deveined and deshelled medium-sized shrimps, cooked (boiled)
-3 hard boiled eggs
-few stalks of cilantro, julienned
-2 serrano peppers, sliced
-2tsps fried shallots
-Prima Taste Premix, Mee Rebus

1.Follow instructions on the Premix pack to cook the gravy (very easy!)
2.Cook spaghetti in boiling water for ~6-8mins (till al dente)
3.When gravy and spaghetti is cooked and ready, put some(not all) gravy in bowl/plate, add in spaghetti, and fried shallots; then mix to ensure every strand of spaghetti gets coated with the gravy(flavor!flavor!) and gets flavored with fried shallots(still, flavor!flavor!)
4.When done, top remaining warm gravy over noodles. Garnish with prawns, eggs, cilantro and green chilli

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