Shiokingly good Singapore Part 4 - A Singapore culture

[kopi kau /gow, gaU/] is Hokkien, and kau (of liquids) means 厚 in Mandarin; or thick in English. Mainly a coffeeshop (kopi tiam) language, this simply means thick coffee, or freshly brewed black coffee with "not-so-much" evaporated milk. On the other hand, kopi-si is coffee with much more evaporated milk in-ratio, compared to coffee; and kopi-o is simply black coffee.

Start your morning with a kopi-o, -kau or -si (any way you like it) and flip-read the newspapers

The Americans and the English have options to go breakfast continental on cereals with milk, muffins and pastries, or to go for a hot breakfast of eggs, sausages and bacon; while most Singaporeans enjoy their cooked breakfast items ranging from nasi lemak, fried bee hoon, fishball noodles, wonton noodles, prawn noodles, fish or pork porridge, and many many more. What you can imagine having for lunch, Singaporeans have them for breakfast! Hey, that's what I call...culture.

Just last month in Singapore, we had pork porridge and fried carrot cake for breakfast in Jiu Shan Coffee Shop-junction of Telok Kurau and Changi Road (located across Telok Kurau Road's Kim San Leng Coffee Shop)

Yes, that's fried carrot cake(Chinese-style), not this type of carrot cake.

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