Be flexible with satay

But I still want to eat my satay!!!...since I've bought ready-made satay sauce sometime earlier and need some satay in order to start using the sauce.

I know it's weird that I have the sauce first, then think of making satay. Most would have planned to make satay, then think about the sauce.

Chicken satay recipes tend to have different marinade ingredients compared to beef satay. If you feel "beefy" today, try Sim's beef satay recipe. But if you feel "chicky" (or cheeky), give this chicken satay recipe a shot.

Oh, this is what I call being flexible, when I do not have the privilege to own any electric grill or stove-top gridle, and have to use the usual frying pan(just make sure it's shallow and has a large wide surface) to grill my satay. Being flexible with satay, does not mean you flex the skewers while eating your satay. You can if you want to but I guarantee you, it would not make the satay any tastier. And "satay needs to have that "chargrilled" color!!!" Ok, I heard that. Means having that burnt color/texture on the satay that makes it taste somewhat good. On the pan, you can use your kitchen tongs (not THAT thongs...heh) to "exert some pressure" on the satay such that it sizzles twice as much, on contact with the hot pan.

Chicken satay (makes ~25 sticks)
- (~1lb) or 4 chicken thighs or chicken breasts (deboned), cut into strips 2cmx6cm

-2-3tsp curry power (mine contains coriander, cumin, turmeric...the key ingredients in chicken satay marinade)
-2tbsp canola oil
-1-2tsp brown sugar
-2tsp ground garlic
-1tsp ground ginger
-dashes of salt

1.Marinade chicken pieces 2 hrs before cooking the satay or leave marinated chicken in fridge overnight
2.Thread the chicken pieces onto bamboo skewers
3.Place chicken on shallow large base pan to grill. Grill each side for 4-5mins, then turn to other side and grill for another 3-4 mins
4.Serve with ready-made satay sauce

See... my satay did have that "chargrilled" look, using the tongs-method!

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