Cheat sheet chilli crab

I almost wanted to hide this post forever, after I saw Melting Wok's masala squid (sotong, calamari).

And remember, it was an English essay examination(essay are supposed to be lengthy, right?) to write on "What is Courage?", in which a student completed in response and submitted a blank piece of paper with just these three words "THIS IS COURAGE". Now I wanted to hide under the carpet, after Simcooks made a comment about she being lazy. I can tell her, THIS IS LAZY.

I cooked up a cheat-sheet version of chilli "crab" using Singapore Prima chilli crab premix, and called it Singapore Chilli Cioppino. I better do a good explanation on cioppino so that I do not get penalized for taking short-cuts while cooking.

Cioppino means "fish stew". As with most fisherman stews, the ingredients aren't cast in stone, but rather a result of the day's cast. You can certainly add or substract at your pleasure what's in the stew. For me, my cast of the day is shrimps, scallops, and calamari (a seafood medley). With Prima chilli crab base premix, makes my chilli seafood cioppino.

Singapore chilli cioppino (serves 2)
-1lb frozen seafood blend (shrimps, scallops, and calamari), to be thawed. (Note: Shrimps are already de-shelled, de-veined, headless, tail-off; and squid are already cleaned, "de-inked", cut up into calamari rings). So, what I need to do - Remove from the freezer, and THAW!
-1egg, whisked
-1tsp crushed garlic
-1tbsp vegetable oil
-1pack Prima chilli crab paste/premix(includes 1pkt paste, 1pkt premix, 1pkt extra hot chilli mix)

1.Lightly oil pan on medium heat
2.Fry the garlic till fragrant, then add in seafood
3.When shrimps start to turn pink, and rest of seafood are cooked, set aside
4.In the same pan, heat up some oil and mix with chilli crab paste, stir for 1min medium heat
5.Add in seafood, stir well, coating seafood with paste, fry for 1min
6.Add in some water, and sprinkle desired amount of hot chilli mix over seafood
7.Stir crab premix into water, mix well into crab amd stir gravy evenly
8.Pour in beaten eggs, stir 20secs
9.Serve with rice, or crusty bread
(Note: Detailed instructions are provided with the paste/premix)

I've eaten a chilli crab pasta dish in a S'pore bistro (forgotten the name) before, so I tried to replicate this with some leftover chilli cioppino and spaghetti. If you like it spicy, this is the one!

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