Lost (Yaohan) & Found (Mitsuwa)

Everybody remembers Yaohan. Errr....well, at least, any generation with me and older, will. Yaohan is yet another Japanese retail (used to); and in Singapore, a supermarket(used to). And Yaohan somehow reminds me of fishballs (a trio) on a bamboo skewer/stick - those large round fishballs(with and w/o meat stuffings) smeared with lotsa chilli...woooo....where can I get that now? Former Yaohan stores in the U.S. were bought by Mitsuwa, Maruwa and Marukai - the latter two based in Los Angeles (the SoCal ladies-RM, MW, BC & the rest, any where near you?)

I found Mitsuwa in the Bay Area, NorCal !

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Ave.,
San Jose CA 95129

Lotsa lotsa of Japanese products...

I would like to get these fresh noodles one day...

And the queue at the cash register was so long...

Practically, the entire store was packed with people (80% Japanese, I think). But it was a weekend (what do you expect ?)

What I bought:

And I got so much of these: Can you find the tofu I used here?

Mitsuwa has definitely more variety to offer but to avoid the crowd, there is always Nijiya.

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