Revival of Sogo?

"SOGO" sparks two thoughts in me. Japan and Raffles City Singapore. Because there used to be a Japanese SOGO department store in Raffles City.

When I saw SOGO along South De Anza Blvd one day, I was excited. But to my discovery, it is totally unrelated to anything Japanese. SOGO Tofu is a small store (owners are Hakka Taiwanese) that has an astounding variety of tofu and soy milk products, all made with organic soybeans.

Sogo Tofu
1610 S. De Anza Blvd
San Jose, CA

According to my research, there is a full-blown factory(behind the small store) that turns the magic beans into dozens of sweet and savory creations. At this tofu specialty shop, this is what I sampled.

1. Prepared dishes at the counter (1 rice/noodle + any 3 items @ $5.99)

1 box will be too little for 2 persons, but 2 boxes will be too much. So, some portions were kept for next morning breakfast, just like eating vegetarian beehoon. It's a bit greasy though, esp. the one with thick yellow noodle. Vegetarian does not mean healthy.

2. Mochi Daifuku

Not too sweet, just nice. 很 Q ! And very big and round.

3. 豆花 (dou hua) or 豆腐花 (tofu hua) in Chinese

This comes separately with ginger syrup to drench over the soft tofu.

And if your total purchase is more than $20, they give you a free bottle of soy milk ( 豆浆, dou jiang)

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