The Princess and the Pea Sprouts

If Han Christian Andersen's fairy tale was brought to reality, the pea at the bottom of twenty mattresses or forty layered sheets would have sprouted!

豆苗 (dou miao) are distinguished by "large'' and "small''. 大豆苗 (Da dou miao), the large shoots, come from the mature pea plant. These are sometimes labeled as pea leaves in supermarket. The other version is the small sprouts- pea sprouts (below).

There's ginger in this stir-fry, adds zest, but not spicy. Spicy stir-fry leafy greens vs non-leafy greens; or non-spicy stir-fry non-greens vs greens, which is your preferred ? I love all of them!

Stir fry pea sprouts with garlic& ginger (serves 2)
-1/2lb pea sprouts
-oil for frying
-1/2 tsp crushed garlic
-1tsp crushed ginger

1.Heat frying pan with oil, at medium heat
2.Add in garlic and ginger and fry for 1min
3.Add in the pea sprouts and fry quickly for 2-4min. If dry, add some water during frying
4.Serve up, and eat !

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